rootsmith Inc. is the personal brand and company of Kevin J. Smith, an information technology professional in Vancouver, B.C.

Why a personal brand?

Unfortunately, Kevin Smith, is an abhorrently common name. Go ahead, just try to find me by googling "Kevin Smith" ... no, I am not an overweight film director which means I am not @thatkevinsmith on twitter nor therealkevinsmith on MySpace, nor any of the 48 Kevin John Smiths that you may find on Facebook. Therefore, I generally go by 'rootsmith' online which also happens to be the company under which I contract out my services.

Oh, and what services might those be?

As the words under my logo suggest, I do information architecture, design, and development. I thrive on complexity and I am a hard core techy, not just a guy who can draw on a white board with coloured markers. I design software and the systems that run that software, although I am more soft than hard in the ware department. I believe that the web is the platform and mobile phones are increasingly the devices that reach that platform. The following things turn my crank:

  • Agile development
  • Dynamic languages like python
  • Lightweight frameworks like pylons
  • Cloud services like slicehost, linode, and AWS (Amazon) that enable the above.
  • JQuery, javascript, and AJAX that has changed how web development is done

I have done a great deal of enterprise, waterfall, java driven type development and it is the past. Technology is moving far too fast for such sloth-like methodologies and overweight technologies. You can learn more about me in ... about


I am an open source development and telecommunications billing expert with experience in AMDOCS Ensemble, IAF Solect, and Kenan ARBOR products. I have over 10 years working experience in the Education, Telecommunications, Enterprise Billing, and software industries. I am a former employee of Kenan Systems and South East Asia and China Regional Training Manager with Lucent Technologies Software Products Group. I have troubleshot systems in all corners of Asia and North America from Auckland, New Zealand to Delhi, India within some of the world's most respected telecommunications companies such as Telecom New Zealand, Optus, NTT DoCoMo, Bell Canada, and Telus Corporation.

I am a Red Hat Certified Engineer and former Training & Consulting Manager with Donovan Systems in Singapore, a defunct start-up that delivered 64-bit Linux servers before a market existed for such things.

I have demonstrated systems administration, development, design and problem solving strength in UNIX/Linux, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, TCP/IP, Windows, C/C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Java and Web technologies.

At one point I was foolish enough to develop my own web development framework in Python called, pyroxide, but then again, who hasn't?!?

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